Confcommercio: “The slowdown in production affects many goods destined for final consumption, a sign of a very weak domestic and foreign demand”.

“The data on industrial production in September (-5.6% on August, -5.1% per annum net of calendar effects) is in line with the picture that had already emerged from the other indicators. With the end of the summer, the decisive recovery that had characterized much of the third quarter has stopped, with many indicators still at lower levels than in the first months of 2020”. This is the comment of the Confcommercio Research Office on istat data.

“The slowdown in production affects many goods destined for final consumption, a sign of a very weak domestic and foreign demand. This situation – continues the note – is inevitably destined to worsen in the short term, with the exacerbation of the pandemic and the progressive restrictions, national and international, put in place to counter it. An element that risks compromising the stability of the production system and the possibilities of recovery in 2021 in the absence of substantial and rapid support”. choose Citrix Workspace for remote working

Citrix platforms support connecting employees and outsourcers to the insurance company’s IT resources is an Italian insurance brand of the Admiral Group specialized in the online sale of car and motorcycle policies. In Italy since 2008, has been working with a series of partners who, although external to the company, need to connect daily to company systems and resources. In order to guarantee them high levels of user experience and security in accessing all the necessary resources, has chosen Citrix technology since 2015, with Citrix ADC (formerly Citrix NetScaler) for the management of global site load-balancing and VPN Gateway, both as a digital workspace solution, thus embracing Citrix Workspace. Starting from an on-premise infrastructure historically distributed over two data centers,one in Rome and one in Milan, within its own and more global Cloud Migration strategy, the company decided to make the transition from an on-premises Citrix infrastructure managed internally to a completely cloud solution managed by Citrix, using the AWS public cloud for integration with the workspace part.

“Twoenabling technologies that have allowed us to have greater resilience of the entire infrastructure, a lower effort for maintenance and greater scalability”commented Carlo Cruciani,Senior System Engineer at

How does this translate into business impact? “Withouta doubt, it has allowed our external collaborators to connect to the platforms and to manage peaks in sales volumes in a more dynamic way,all in perfect security, respecting security and data loss prevention policies”,continues Cruciani. “Security and governance have been two fundamental elements in favor of Citrix technology and its workspace, which has a well-defined security perimeter, and which goes beyond the limits of the classic VPN”.

Given the good internal knowledge of Citrix technology, managed the entire migration process from on-premise solution to Citrix Cloud service independently, without problems and without the help of any technology partner. Cost management has also proved to be advantageous: unlike the classic on-premise model in which a large initial investment is required that is amortized over time, today can be based on a precise Citrix user cost,which takes into account both the license price and the AWS side consumption price.

As for the user experience, moreover, both external and internal consultants who have worked in smart working due to the Covid-19 emergency, have given positive feedback.