By integrating Algorand Standard Assets, the decentralized digital identity platform Dizme will ensure fast, smooth and secure credential monetization processes

Implement Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs) in InfoCert’s Dizme platform to create smooth and transparent monetization processes in the exchange of certified information related to digital identities. This is the purpose of the partnership signed between InfoCert, the certification authority of the Tinextagroup, and the latest generation blockchain platform Algorand,

The integration of asas will enrich the Dizme platform with a Medium of Exchange (MOE), so that the Dizme Token can be used to securely and quickly manage the payment of micro-transactions of credential exchange. In this way, explains a note, the actors will operate in a digital identity ecosystem based on the second-generation blockchain with low costs of use and maximum stability. “Our goal is to make Dizme a distributed identity ecosystem where owners not only exercise full control over their credentials, but also benefit from a rewarding remuneration system, without the need for intermediaries: with Algorand we ensure the best blockchain technology to achieve this goal, ensuring the safe and fast monetization of the credentials exchanged.

This partnership is a fundamental element for the further development and dissemination of Dizme, and will evolve in support of our commitment as facilitators of digital transformation at a global level”, comments Daniele Citterio, CTO of InfoCert.

“The self-sovereign identity solution that InfoCert brings to the Algorand ecosystem is a crucial component. InfoCert’s offering provides an ideal alternative for a centralized solution for personal information, something still unresolved in the digital world of the Internet,” concludes Steve Kokinos, CEO of Algorand.