OVHcloud will use Google Anthos technologies to create a new hosted private cloud offering. With data safe and in Europe.

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud,called it”the first alliance of its kind”,linked to the”need for more control and autonomy”that European companies are expressing. And in fact the one just defined with the French OVHcloud is a somewhat anomalous alliance for a cloud provider. Google acts more as a technology provider than as a provider. Knowing, probably, that certain needs of European companies is not able to fully satisfy them. The core of the agreement – a “strategic partnership”, verbatim – is the development of a new OVHcloud offering based on Google technology.

Specifically, a new Hosted Private Cloud offer based on Google Anthos and hosted by a dedicated OVHcloud infrastructure, fully managed and located in Europe. The partnership should not be limited to this, as the two companies promise to develop”common solutions that will allow customers to take advantage of an open and multicloud approach”.

This in a”strong bond”that is technologically based on open source and therefore can also stimulate the development of a dedicated ecosystem within the “open” community.

The message of the agreement is quite clear and well in line with the strategy that Google Cloud has been following for some time when it comes to Europe. And of course with that of OVHcloud. European companies, at least the largest and most important, have understood that their data is better to have them close, as well as protected. And that in evaluating their cloud providers it also becomes important to understand how much their services are really open and do not constitute a new form of lock-in.

Put the two together and on-premise suddenly becomes interesting again, although obviously modernized with cloud elements. And open to more “clouds”. Hence the importance of having one or more hybrid multicloud approachesavailable. Which seems at the moment to be the solution that brings together privacy, compliance, cloud elasticity, data portability. Technologically Google Anthos was born precisely for this. The agreement with OVHcloud extends its reach beyond “Google’s home” by involving one of Europe’s leading cloud providers.