Telemar chose Parallels RAS to enhance remote access to enterprise applications. Focusing above all on the elasticity and savings of the new solution.

Remote working has become for many companies a new and widespread way of working, even if in the past this path had been evaluated only for limited uses. But the scenarios change and this evolution has also involved Telemar, a telecommunications company that offers products and services specifically to the nautical sector. The company over the years has seen its range of action grow – today it has over three thousand boats covered by service contracts and communication solutions – and this has also led to the review of the ways in which it is possible to remotely access the company ERP.

The “distribution” of ERP to the outside, as well as other custom applications, had been made possible by remote desktop environments.

Telemar, however, assessed that the solution adopted so far was becoming expensive and complex. For this reason, it decided to increase remote accessibility with a complete solution that did not require special additional components. Having evaluated the possible options, Telemar decided to install Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS).

In a nutshell, it is a virtual desktop platform that allows you to remotely remote applications and complete operating environments. Access is via a specific software client or, more simply, via Html5 browser. In this way access to applications is possible from all, or almost, all possible devices. PC, Mac, Chromebook, smartphone, tablet.

“This solution has made ERP software available in branches in Italy, Singapore, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong,”explains Michele Magrone,from Telemar’s IT department. In this expansion of access to ERP, the advantages highlighted by Telemar relate in particular to the ease of use, management and configuration of the Parallels platform. So much so that the migration of users was very fast: just a couple of hours and without interruption to the company’s operations.

Then there is the important issue of costs. Telemar has seen significant savings due to both lower hardware and add-on spending and parallels RAS licensing model. It also counts, and not a little, the satisfaction of internal users. They can now access Telemar’s IT resources using the device of their choice.