As in the previous month, also in September the product group that recorded the greatest growth was the one concerning “Equipment for information technology, telecommunications, telephony”: +10.6%.

In September 2020, Istat estimates, for retail sales,a decrease compared to August of 0.8% in value and 0.4% in volume. Sales of non-food goods decreased (-1.3% in value and -0.7% in volume) while those of food goods were substantially stationary (unchanged in value and slightly up, +0.1%, in volume).

In the third quarter of 2020, retail sales recorded a cyclical increase of 13.9% in value and 13.7% in volume,thanks to the strong growth of non-food goods (+28.8% in value and +27.4% in volume). On the other hand, food goods fell slightly (-0.7% in value and -0.4% in volume). On a trend basis, in September, there was an increase in sales of 1.3% in value and 1.5% in volume. Sales of food goods grew both in value and in volume (respectively +3.8% and +2.6%), those of non-food goods decreased in value (-0.6%) and increased in volume (+0.8%).

In the case of non-food goods,there are heterogeneous trend variations for product groups. The largest increases concern, as for the month of August, IT equipment, telecommunications, telephony (+10.6%) and Household and hardware tools (+7.2%). The most marked declines were, on the other hand, for Footwear, leather and travel items (-8.7%), Games, toys, sports and camping (-7.2%) and Stationery, books, newspapers and magazines (-7.1%).

Compared to September 2020, the value of retail sales increased for large-scale distribution (+1.4%) and decreased for companies operating on small surfaces (-0.3%). Sales outside the stores fell by 7.0% while e-commerce increased strongly (+24.9%).