One billion euros automatically credited to 211,488 companies 726 million euros go to 154 thousand bars, pastry shops, ice cream parlors and restaurants. Out of the total number of stakeholders, over 32 thousand carry out their activities in Lombardy.

The Director of the Revenue Agency, Ernesto Maria Ruffini has instructed its operating structures to send payment mandates for a total amount of 964.8 million euros in favor of the 211,488 companies most affected by the containment measures of the second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The contributions will be paid without requiring any fulfillment to the taxpayers involved who will see the increased sums credited directly to the current account indicated in the application relating to the first non-repayable contribution provided for by the Relaunch Decree. To receive the contributions are also 154 thousand bars, pastry shops, ice cream parlors and restaurants for an amount of over 726 million euros and 25 thousand hospitality operators for 106 million euros.

There are 32 thousand beneficiaries based in the territory of Lombardy,more than 20 thousand in Lazio, about 17 thousand in four regions: Veneto, Campania, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. About 13 thousand in Sicily and Puglia, over 5 thousand in Calabria and Marche.