The measure provides for additional resources for the refreshment of the production sectors most affected by the pandemic.

The Ristori Bis Decree has been published in the Official Gazette, approved by the Council of Ministers, which introduces further support measures for the production sectors, whose activities have been involved in the provisions of the Dpcm of 3 November last, in order to protect the health of citizens in this second phase of theCovid emergency.

The measure intervenes with additional resources intended both for the refreshment of the economic activities concerned and for the support of their workers.

In particular, the decree provides:for the red zones, non-repayable compensation with direct transfers to the current account, up to 200% of what was already paid in April with the Relaunch Decree;for the orange areas a 50% increase for ice cream parlors, bars, pastry shops and hotels which is added to what has already been provided for by the first refreshment decree reaching 200%;for some sectors new refreshments from 50% to 200% at national level due to the new restrictions imposed by the Dpcm;extension of the deadline for payment of the second advance for additional subjects, not included in the first refreshment decree, which apply the synthetic indices of fiscal reliability;suspension of payments of social security and welfare contributions for private employers with operational headquarters in the territories affected by the new restrictive measures;also for the sectors affected in the red zones, cancellation of the December IMU installment for owners and managers;also for the affected sectors in the red zones, a 60% transferable tax credit for commercial rents in the three months of october, november and december;special leave for parents in the event of closure of lower secondary schools;baby-sitting bonus for regions in the red zone.