The two cybersecurity players join forces in Italy to define a common approach in supporting companies to safeguard business continuity

It is an agreement between RSA Security and Trend Micro,which join forces in Italy to define a common approach in the fight against cybercrime. The two cybersecurity players, a statement explains, pool their intelligence, their respective detection systems and threat data to allow companies a better response and responsiveness to cyber attacks.

In the digital age, one of the greatest risks for business continuity is represented by cyber attacks, made even more dangerous by two elements. The first is the new normal we are going through, characterized by the remoteness of numerous tasks, a practice that increases the attack surfaces generating dangerous flaws in IT infrastructures. The second is thesiloed organization of many infrastructures,which implement solutions that are incapable of communicating with each other and responding quickly and proactively to attacks. RSA Security and Trend Micro are working together to help enterprises enable an effective path to solution integration and control of the cyber threat landscape and infrastructure.

This allows you to optimize security processes, automate attack responses and controls, and free up resources, allowing businesses to continue to grow worry-free.

“The collaboration between Trend Micro and RSA Security is historic but also symbolic of how the fight against cybercrime is an issue that concerns everyone. The goal for a cybersecurity vendor is to address and combat IT threats in the best way and Trend Micro’s mission has always been to make the world a safer place for the exchange of digital information,”comments Alessandro Fontana, Head of Sales Trend Micro Italy. “Teaming up with other companies to achieve this goal is perfectly in our DNA, and we are sure that this collaboration will bring benefits both to the country system in terms of the fight against cybercrime and to the cybersecurity market in terms of supply”. “We can no longer talk about competition between cybersecurity companies. The goal is to support our customers against increasingly sophisticated and advanced threats. To succeed in this it is necessary to collaborate and integrate the different technologies already existing in the company, the result of important investments already made”,concludes Maddalena Pellegrini, Executive Account of RSA Security