The Connected Operations solution allows you to maximize your Internet of Things investments and have maximum visibility into your assets

Here comes the Connected Operations solution, which connects IoT data with ServiceNow’sdigital workflows,to enable companies to monitor and manage critical infrastructures and derive greater benefits from IoT investments, creating new business models.

It is known that IoT data is only really useful if used effectively: by bringing IoT data directly into ServiceNow’s Now Platform,companies can check the health status and history of assets through a single platform, and this provides valuable data that can improve customer satisfaction and enable new sources of

income. ServiceNow Connected Operations enables youto transform operations, respond quickly to data and insights, and evolve to a new product-as-a-service model.

Every critical issue that arises automatically triggers an operations incident and allows the team to take action to resolve it quickly through Customer Service Management and Field Service Managementworkflows.

“IoT represents huge potential for companies to transform operations, reacting to insights and evolving into a product-as-as-service model,”he points out. Jonathan Sparks, vice president of IoT and operations products at ServiceNow. “Untilnow, IoT data has often been confined to siloed systems. Thanks to Connected Operations, companies can benefit from the full value of IoT data and solve critical issues before customers even notice it, thus enabling new levels of growth and productivity.”