The results of a very in-depth survey confirm that companies see this platform as a fundamental component of digital transformation

The annual mainframe survey promoted by BMChas arrived at the 15th edition. This is the largest study on the subject, which involved more than 1000 managers and IT professionals from many countries around the world, including Italy. Among the main results of the study, available at this link,it should be noted in the first place that 90% of respondents globally, and 94% of Italian ones, see the mainframe as a platform for long-term growth and applications,while 68% (70% in Italy) expect MIPS to grow again: this is the highest growth forecast in the 15 years of the Survey’s life,and 63% of respondents (68% among Italians) believe that security and compliance are the mainframe’s top priorities. Among Italian respondents, 55% reported an increase in transaction volume, while 42% reported an increase in data volume.

Among the key themes of the survey, three in particular emerged: adaptation, automation and protection. For adaptation,responses pointed to several areas, such as new processes to keep up with digital demand and technology requirements such as DevOps across the mainframe, with 78% of respondents wanting to be able to update mainframe applications more frequently than is currently possible. For automation,mainframe modernization continues to play a key role in priorities, with the need to implement AI and machine learning strategies that increase by 8% year-over-year. Finally, for security,despite the mainframe having a reputation for being a naturally secure platform, respondents see the growing need to strengthen it: for the first time in the survey’s 15-year history, security has prevailed over cost optimization as a top priority among respondents. “Earlyresults were shared with leading industry analysts and key customers on our Mainframe Executive Council in order to validate the results against market views,”explains John McKenny, SVP of Mainframe Innovation and Strategy at BMC.

“Theseconversations further cemented the study’s findings that the platform’s positive outlook and growth are largely due to the need to create intuitive, customer-centric digital experiences. The mainframe continues to shine and be recognized as innovative, agile and secure, as well as being a vital component to digital success.”